{Burlap Fall Banner & Mantel Reveal}

As mentioned before, burlap is the bomb!  I used it to make a banner for my son’s first birthday party, as a background for my Menu Planner Board, and most recently in my Ruffled Burlap Wreath for the Fall.

I knew I wanted to incorporate it into a fresh new banner for a Fall mantel I had in mind.  To make the banner you’ll need…

Burlap Fall Banner

4 pieces of burlap cut to the same size for F A L L

2 pieces of burlap cut to the same size for Fall embellishments

jute twine

Fall embellishments (leaves, a Fall stem, etc…)

black sharpie

glue gun/hot glue

surface to place under the burlap when you write

Now, if I had a fancy shmancy Silhouette I could have made a super cute banner, maybe using vinyl and some chalkboard paper, but me + Silhouette = no go (for now).  Luckily I’ve got some really nice, teacher handwriting.

I honestly just free-handed the letters, trying to make them look as centered and as even as possible.  I think I did a pretty good job considering.

For the end pieces, I hot glued a couple of leaves that I had in my Fall storage bin and a little wooden pumpkin to each piece of burlap.  I also pulled out a few strands of burlap on each piece, so they’d look a little tattered.

To attach the banner pieces to the jute twine, I didn’t do any measuring.  Who needs that extra step anyway?

I simply laid out the banner in front of my mantel, spaced things out how I felt I wanted them, and hot glued each burlap piece to the twine.  I wrapped the top of the burlap a bit so that it stuck well.

Once I had the banner hung (I just wrapped each end around the item on the mantel that was the furthest on each side), I then added leaves and pieces of a Fall floral stem where I thought it looked good.

Soon I had this beautiful

Burlap Fall Banner & Mantel

I LOVE the simplicity of it.

Those birds were actually from hubby’s grandparent’s house.  We get tons of compliments on them all the time.  I think they’re pretty cool!

I also added my jute twine wrapped beer bottles with some Fall stems I found in my storage bin, a $1.50 grapevine pumpkin from Target that I fancied up with an orange ribbon, our wine cork collection {we’ve been collecting for four years now}, and a vase filled with wine corks and a few Fall stems as well.  In fact, the only item I actually bought was the little grapevine pumpkin from Target.  So this mantel was totally refreshed by only spending $1.50…SCORE!

Are you on the burlap train with me?  Or are you over it?

What have you done with your mantel this Fall season?

Leave a comment or two, I’d love to hear your ideas!

I’ll be partying here all week!

Show & Tell Wednesday @ SNAP!


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  1. says

    LOVE burlap!!! Your banner came out great, and I hear ya about the Silhouette, but your lettering looks great :) I like the jute wrapped bottles on the left too. Thought about doing something like that on mine, but didn’t end up, but yours are perfect, especially holding the fall embellishments. But I really love how your banner came out :) ~Bre

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