Easy DIY Crib Bumpers


So, in case you missed it, we added a sweet little girly girl to our troop late last year.  Since we've never found out the gender of our babies beforehand, I've always had very basic, very neutral crib bedding.  Because she's our last kiddo to join us, I decided to do some redecorating in the nursery and make it fit for a little lady.  One of the first projects I was eager to tackle was … [Read more...]

Easy Block Quilt Series | Quilt Reveal

Easy Block Quilt via Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home

We've done it!  The Easy Block Quilt is complete, and I hope you enjoyed the process as much as I did.  I absolutely LOVED creating this quilt as it was kind of just my own little pattern and idea.  I didn't follow a specific pattern in a quilting magazine or blog.  I worked around the creativeness of the blocks to put my own spin on it, and it's seriously one of my most favorite quilts I've ever … [Read more...]

Easy Block Quilt Series | Quilting & Binding


We're in the home stretch of this quilt my friends!  There are really only two more steps between you and a finished quilt.  Now, those steps can be a bit time consuming, but stick with it!  The results are beautiful, and you'll feel super accomplished after completing this awesome quilt. In case you've missed any of the previous posts, here they are: The Blocks | Sashing & Borders | Quilt … [Read more...]

Easy Block Quilt Series | Assembling the Quilt Back

Easy Block Quilt Series, Quilt Back via Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #quilt #quilttutorial #quiltblocks

We've worked through a huge portion of completing the Easy Block Quilt, including Assembling the Blocks and Piecing the Sashing & Borders, but what about the back?! Materials 1 1/2 yards fabric sewing machine and tools rotary cutter and cutting mat iron and ironing board quilting rulers safety pins {LOTS} batting, twin size Cuts this depends on what/how you want to piece the back … [Read more...]

Easy Block Quilt Series | Sashing & Borders


If you've been following along with the Easy Block Quilt Series, you should already have your nine quilt blocks assembled.  The next step is to create your quilt top by adding sashing {those rows and columns between the quilt blocks} and borders. Materials 1 1/2 yards of plain white fabric rotary cutter/cutting mat pins sewing machine and tools iron and ironing board quilting … [Read more...]