{Turtle Brownie Ice Cream Trifle}

Right when I get in the mindset to work out again and start eating super healthy, Emily is here to share a delicious recipe for Turtle Brownie Ice Cream Trifle.  I guess I can wait to start my health kick until after I make one of these this weekend! I'll be back starting on Monday with your regularly scheduled bloggy programming {hopefully}.  I'm still getting used to life with two little … [Read more...]

{Chocolate & Oreo Parfait}


I recently was in charge of bringing dessert to a play group that Jackson and I went to together last week.  I wanted to do something different, something I'd never made before.  I also didn't want to have to go out and buy all kinds of ingredients.  After searching through {and organizing} my pantry, I discovered I had several packages of chocolate pudding, just begging waiting to be eaten.  I … [Read more...]

{Warm Apple Cider}


I hope you all had a fabulous Thanksgiving last week!  It was wonderful to have the time to celebrate and catch up with my husband's side of the family.  After a nice, {filling} meal, once we were all enjoying a delicious slice of pumpkin pie, my beverage of choice was warm apple cider.  I've got a simple and yummy recipe to share with you {and it tastes so much like Starbucks hot apple cider, for … [Read more...]

{Pilgrim Hat Cookies & a Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner}


Have I got a treat for you today! I'm excited to share that I'm teaming up with several fabulous bloggers to bring you a Virtual Thanksgiving Dinner, complete with recipe ideas, table decor, and desserts!  I seriously cannot wait to try out some of these awesome recipes this Thanksgiving. My portion of the celebration is a dessert for the kiddos {or any adults that have a strong love for Reese's … [Read more...]

{Candy Bar Cupcakes}


You know you have leftover Halloween candy.  We most definitely did, since our little trick-or-treater can't exactly eat most of it (not having molars yet will do that to ya)! To help "get rid" of some of the candy bars, I decided to spice up some plain old chocolate cupcakes this weekend with some delicious candy pieces.  Let me tell you, not only were they super delicious, but they turned out … [Read more...]