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Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and this year the boys and I did a little crafting for their grandmothers {yet again}.  I’m a sucker for finger print and hand prints, and this year was no exception.

Hand Print Apron for Mother's Day by Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #MothersDay #gifts #apron #handprints #handmade

Now, I cannot claim this idea as my own, as my inspiration came from one of my favorite bloggers, Simply Kierste.  I pretty much adore every single thing she’s ever created…go check her blog out, seriously!

To make my version, you’ll need just a few supplies.

Hand Print Apron for Mother's Day by Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #MothersDay #gifts #apron #handprints #handmade

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black canvas apron

fun black & white fabric {raid your stash}

ribbon or trim

iron-on vinyl

white acrylic paint

Cricut Explore™

sewing machine

needle & thread

Hand Print Apron for Mother's Day by Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #MothersDay #gifts #apron #handprints #handmade

To start, I pinned the ribbon across the top of each apron and sewed it into place with my sewing machine.  I did the same across the bottom {which actually has a three section pocket on it}.  To get the fabric lined up correctly I simply folded it under along the edges of the curve of the apron and used an iron to create a nice, crisp fold.  After pinning the entire bottom section in place, I sewed along the very bottom curve with my sewing machine.  Then I realized that across the top portion, I’d have to hand sew since I couldn’t get the pocket part to open up enough to fit under my machine.

Hand Print Apron for Mother's Day by Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #MothersDay #gifts #apron #handprints #handmade

Next came the hand prints.  Looking back, I think I would have just done the hand prints first.  That way, if things really looked messed up, I’m not wasting an apron that I had already put all that sewing work into.  Luckily both aprons came out pretty good, so I was happy.  Let me just say, a two and a half year old is WAY easier to get a hand print from than a 10 month old.  Probably any child under the age of two, you’ll need some assistance.  My husband was a huge help for this part!

Hand Print Apron for Mother's Day by Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #MothersDay #gifts #apron #handprints #handmade

After the little hand prints dried, I cut the boys’ names, the year, and grandma using my Cricut Explore™ and some of Cricut’s Iron-On Vinyl.  If you haven’t used iron-on vinyl yet, you must try it soon!  It’s seriously so fun to work with.


Hand Print Apron for Mother's Day by Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #MothersDay #gifts #apron #handprints #handmade

I know our grandmas are going to adore their aprons this Mother’s Day.  I’m also adding a cute cookbook to their gifts as well {maybe they’ll make us some yummy baked goods as a result}!

Happy Mother’s Day!

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Disclosure: I am a member of the Cricut Blogger Network. I may receive prizes in exchange for my winning projects. Even though I am not being directly compensated for these posts, I am under consideration for a prize with Cricut Design Space Star. All opinions are 100% my own. 

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    These are too cute! I know that the grandmothers are going to love them– I kind of want to make one for myself. Pinned! (Oh, and thanks for the link to Mother’s Day board– I always need a few more ideas to consider!)

  2. says

    Super cute! I bet the grandmas just love them! And you are so right about making hand prints with little tiny kids… I made my husband a shirt a couple Christmases ago with my then 2 year and 10 month old. The baby’s hand looked more like a velociraptor claw print than a hand. It’s the thought that counts, right?! =)

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    Sooo cute! I love this! I would love it if you joined and contribute your awesome posts at my link party at City of Creative Dreams starts on Fridays 😀 Hope to see you there at City of Creative Dreams Link Party.


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