DIY Portable Sand Bin

DIY Portable Sand Bin via Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #sand #sandbox #sandbin #rainyday #kids #kidsactivities

You guys.  It's been raining FOREVER in Georgia.  Honestly, I don't mind rain.  A little here and there is awesome.  I think it's definitely helped wash away a lot of our lovely pollen that comes out this time of year, and for that I'm grateful.  But, I'm ready for some dry days so I can take the kids outside without having to avoid massive puddles.  We want to ride our bikes and run and go to the … [Read more...]

50 More Easter Basket Gift Ideas

50 More Easter Basket Ideas from Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #Easter #EasterBasket #EasterGifts

Since putting it together two years ago, one of my most pinned posts has been my 28 Easter Basket Ideas for Kids.  With Easter approaching quickly, I thought the Easter Bunny could use some fun ideas to freshen things up a bit.  I'm keeping ours SUPER simple this year and planning on grabbing a new picture book for each kiddo, a small chocolate treat like M&M's, and maybe some new crayons or … [Read more...]

Elf on the Shelf for the Busy Parent

Elf on the Shelf for the Busy Parent, a month's worth of ideas via Wait 'Til Your Father Gets Home #ElfontheShelf #Christmas #kids

This year is going to be our first with the ever so popular, Elf on the Shelf.  To say I'm excited is an understatement.  I actually bought our elf to give our oldest as a Christmas gift for his first Christmas {yes, when he was barely 6 months old and enjoyed wrapping paper and boxes more than gifts}.  To prepare for our Elf's arrival, I've been scouring Pinterest for some ideas and wanted to … [Read more...]

Cheerio Bird Feeder Craft for Kids


This is the first summer that I feel like I need to have a "bag of tricks" to keep my oldest little guy entertained.  I find that if I have a project or two waiting in the wings for those times that he seems restless or uninterested in everything, we all tend to have a better day. My advice? Be prepared with tons of fun {and easy} summertime crafts and activities to keep those little hands busy! … [Read more...]