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Raise your hand if the thought of entering a Home Depot without your husband makes you a little nervous…up until this past week, I definitely would have my hand raised high.

Home Depot

You see, my husband is seriously the handiest person I know.  He’s demoed walls in our house, built a deck from scratch, painted every wall, fixed appliances…you name it…he’s done it.  I guess that’s why I never really even bothered to learn how to do some of the simplest DIY projects around our house.  I knew he’d just always take care of things.

But, look out world!  I attended my first ever Do It Herself Workshop at Home Depot in Cumberland, GA this past week, and this girl is ready to start tiling everything in sight {just kidding, but not really}.

DIH Workshop

DIH Event Signs

Our project was so super easy and extremely cute as it was a Pinterest inspired Mosaic Tile Mirror.  Granted, everything was pre-cut for all the attendees and the instructor and Home Depot employees helped anyone and everyone that needed it, but looking back on the process, I could totally take the skills I learned making my small mirror and applying it to a bigger project, perhaps some tile back splash in our laundry room or kitchen one day.

The set up was perfect, there was a station for each participant, chairs, refreshments, and fun supplies.

work stations

Am I the only one who thinks those orange Home Depot buckets are kinda cute?  I seriously could find so many uses for those things!

After choosing a spot, I laid out all of my supplies so I could start DIY’ing…


To start, we sanded the edges of the mirror {the part that would eventually have the tile over it} so that the surface wasn’t so smooth.  Then we applied strips of a product called SimpleMat around the edge of the mirror.

Simple Mat

The top of the SimpleMat was slightly sticky, thus providing a surface for the glass mosaic tile sheets to stick to.


Once all the tile was in place, it was time to get down and dirty.  I put on the disposable gloves they provided and got to grouting.


I was definitely most intimidated by this step because I didn’t want to mess anything up.  After all, up until this point I simply had to stick things in place and this girl definitely knows how to use a sticker!

Grouting was a piece of cake and actually fun.  I’m sure on a much larger scale, I might not refer to grouting as “fun”, but in this case…yep, it totally was!


Once every little nook and cranny had grout, it was time to start washing away the excess with the damp sponge.  Also, super easy.  At this point, I was feeling like a DIY pro.  Honestly, in less than an hour, I had a brand new Mosaic Tile Mirror, made by ME!

Mosaic Tile Mirror

The instructors even sent us home with grout sealer to apply over the glass tile border after two days or so…talk about awesome!

If you are looking for a fun “girl’s night out” event, I highly recommend hitting up your local Home Depot.  Their Do It Herself Workshops are offered at every location every third Thursday of the month.  Next month’s workshop is how to install a dimmer switch.

I think there are so many benefits of this “female friendly” environment, especially for beginners {like me} who may be a bit intimidated by the store with the big orange letters and the lumber section!  These DIH workshops are meant to help you.  They are so laid back and offer plenty of time for questions.

Enjoy & have fun DIY’ing all you Do It “Herselfers” out there!


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of The Home Depot Cumberland (Store 121).  All opinions are 100% my own.

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    • meredith says

      It was so fun! And yes, I’m such a picture-taker when I’m working on a project. To the point that I was probably annoying people!

  1. says

    Home Depot is awesome for events like this–and you did a great job on the mirror! I always see these events being advertised in-store, but have never attended one… that may change now! Thank you!

  2. says

    I love Home Depot! I think it is because my dad always sent me on errands to pick things up for him when I was a teen.
    That mirror is ADORABLE! I had no idea they did this DIH! I will definitely be checking my local store. Thanks!

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