DIY Portable Sand Bin

DIY Portable Sand Bin via Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #sand #sandbox #sandbin #rainyday #kids #kidsactivities

You guys.  It's been raining FOREVER in Georgia.  Honestly, I don't mind rain.  A little here and there is awesome.  I think it's definitely helped wash away a lot of our lovely pollen that comes out this time of year, and for that I'm grateful.  But, I'm ready for some dry days so I can take the kids outside without having to avoid massive puddles.  We want to ride our bikes and run and go to the … [Read more...]

DIY Headband Holders


Since venturing into the world of having a daughter, I've realized that having a girl comes with some new territory.  She's pretty much the same as the boys.  Kind of.  I mean, she requires diapers and bottles and baths.  Who am I kidding...having a girl is quite a bit different than a boy.  One huge difference is that she has already acquired quiet an impressive headband collection in her short 6 … [Read more...]

8 DIY Kitchen Coffee Stations


One thing we've wanted in our kitchen for a while now is a coffee station.  We've got a pretty big space for it, it's just a matter of finding the time to work on the project!  Here are a few of my favorite designs and ideas that I've found lately.  Like a Saturday Shanty 2 Chic One Women's Haven I Should Be Mopping the Floor Driven By Decor Bower Power Blog Magnolia Homes … [Read more...]

12 DIY’s To Try | Monday Funday Party

12 Fabulous DIY's to Try from the #MondayFundayParty

Whew.  We have had a time of it trying to get everyone healthy and well in our house this month.  I've also been busy preparing for my first kids clothing consignment sale and taking time daily for some preschool homeschool lessons with my three and a half year old.  I promise to share some new posts with all of you soon, thank you for bearing with me in the meantime! I'd love for you to check … [Read more...]

Easy Yarn Pom Pom Bouquet


I've been working on trying to make my craft room feel more like "mine".  Currently it's a multi-purpose room serving as my craft room/office and our guest bedroom.  I think by adding small personal touches to it, it will feel more and more like my personal space and less like the catch all room that it's been since we've lived here!  I love this little project because it's the perfect, small way … [Read more...]