{DIY Your Wedding with the Bridal Collection by David Tutera}

{DIY Your Wedding with the Bridal Collection by David Tutera}

Back when I was planning my wedding in 2009, Pinterest didn’t exactly exist yet {at least I wasn’t aware of it if it did} and my local craft stores didn’t exactly have a whole lot to offer this DIY girl to work with.  Fast forward a few years and WOW!  The products available and the resources to find ideas are off the charts.  Now, I don’t need to plan another wedding for myself as I’m a happily married Mrs., but my sweet cousin is preparing for her big day this coming November.

So, I was thrilled at the thought of being able to help her create some awesome decor for her special day using the new David Tutera Bridal
Collection at Michael’s.  I was lucky enough to receive a sampling of just some of the budget friendly products in the David Tutera Bridal Collection line.  Just look at all these goodies…


Seriously…we could do some serious bling-blinging with all those rhinestones!

My immediate thoughts for a few projects included a simple, but elegant DIY Card Box and some pretty DIY vases using a lot of the products pictured above.

DIY Wedding Card Box

To make the DIY Wedding Card Box, I used:

a square 10 x 10 inch white cardboard box

Bridal Collection by David Tutera Silver Mesh Roll {bling-on-a-roll}

Bridal Collection by David Tutera Brooch

Bridal Collection by David Tutera Accent Pins

Bridal Collection by David Tutera Self-Stick Shimmer Sheet

floral stems

hot glue/glue gun

To assemble the card box, I found the center of the base and wrapped the “bling-on-a-roll” around it, securing it in a few spots with hot glue.  On the front of the box, on the rhinestones, I added a pretty brooch from the line of products.  Then, around the edge of the lid of the box, I used the self-stick shimmer sheet to add a little bling to the top.  The shimmer sheet was SUPER easy to use and the fact that I could easily cut it to the size I needed was a huge plus!  To the top of the lid, I hot glued two accent pins to act as a handle to lift the lid off the box.

card box 2

I was also eager to use the diamond charm accents as both a vase filler and table accent.  I had a few glass vases around the house and wanted to continue experimenting with the “bling-on-a-roll” and a few more items from the Bridal Collection by David Tutera line.

Around the top of each vase I had, I adhered the “bling-on-a-roll” using hot glue once again.

rhinestone roll vases

Words cannot express how easy this step was.  And the best part was that I only needed a few dots of glue for the entire piece to stay in place.

I arranged some pretty green & purple floral stems and picks and added lots of bling from David Tutera’s collection, including the Pearl Rhinestone Crown Picks and {believe it or not} a package of Hair Snaps!  As a vase filler I used either green spanish moss or the Diamond Charm Accents.

bling on flowers

{Those are the Hair Snaps!  They snapped onto the thin petals of the flower stem, easy peasy!}

floral pins

{Close up shot of the Pearl Rhinestone Crown Picks…I love the sparkle it adds to the floral arrangement!}

card box

There are so many more fabulous products in the Bridal Collection by David Tutera line at Michael’s, I know my cousin will enjoy DIY’ing and making one of the most memorable days in her life both beautiful and affordable!


The David Tutera bridal collection includes: Affordable fashion accessories, unique décor elements, floral accents and other embellishments, all designed to help you tell your own special love story.

Adding your own unique touch is a lot easier than you think! It’s all about turning ordinary wedding elements into something special.

Many of the products, like Bling on a Roll and self-stick rhinestones, are very versatile. (For example, you can use either of the above to add sparkle to any wedding decoration or accessory!)

I wrote this post as part of a sponsored campaign with Darice and The Blueprint Social. The opinions in this post are my own.

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  1. Wow Stunning!! I’m with ya, I feel like even just a few years ago there wasn’t a whole lot out there for the DIY wedding, and now it’s everywhere, which is great!! I have four younger sisters to help plan weddings for, so I was so excited to see the David Tutera had a cool line :) Everything came out so pretty! ~Bre

    • Thanks! Have fun helping them plan!! I can’t think of anyone I’ve got to help in the near future besides my cousin…wish there were more!! :)

  2. Gorgeous, Meredith!

  3. What BEAUTIFUL products…glad to know they make these. They are so versatile…love that I can add bling to anything!!!

  4. Wow! The card box is a real show stopper with the bling and brooch! I love the colors of the hydrangeas and orchids with the blinged out vases! Gorgeous!


  5. These are so pretty! Love them all!

  6. WOW! Gorgeous girl!

  7. I love the little bits of sparkle in the flowers, I’m a big fan of subtle glamour. Great job! I’m sure your cousin will be very happy

  8. Absolutely stunning! You did a great job, Mer! Love it!

  9. Love the decor ideas, kind of wish I could plan my wedding all over again :-)

    • I have a feeling my bank account would have suffered if Pinterest were around back then! Thanks for stopping by!!

  10. Beautiful! I LOVE the card box!!! I too wish that Pinterest were around back when I got married– I would have done so much more DIY! It’s so much fun seeing what everyone made with their box of goodies!! I’m sharing via social media for you– hope you’ll come by and check out what I made with #DavidTuteraDIY. :)

  11. Love all the bling!!

  12. I really love your wedding card box. It is so elegant-wedding perfection!!

  13. Such a cute idea, I absolutely love it! Will keep this in mind for the future :)

  14. Wow, this is stunning! Very creative! I can’t wait to share mine tomorrow!

  15. This is so pretty! I love what you did with this craft. The photo styling is really nice too — such a pretty flower arrangement.

  16. I love all the bling! So pretty, Mer!

  17. Where did you find your cardboard box? I’ve been to Michaels and Hobby Lobby, and they don’t carry a box big enough to hold a lot of cards.


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