{Easy Burp Cloths}

{Easy Burp Cloths}

You can say I’ve got baby on the brain {seeing as that I’m now 21 weeks pregnant}!


Say hello to sweet baby number two!  We aren’t finding out the gender until baby is born.  We did that with Jackson, and it was such a wonderful surprise…I highly recommend it!

Since I’m gearing up for another little one in the next few months, and I’ve got friends popping out babies left and right these days {must be something in the water}, I decided to spend last weekend making some easy burp cloths as a gift.

I’ve made a few different kinds of handmade burp cloths before, but wanted to try using a pre-folded cloth diaper instead this time around.  I received a set of three as a gift when I had Jackson, and they were my absolute favorites to use with him.  He was a spitter-upper and the cloth diapers were super absorbent.

easy burp cloths

To make Cloth Diaper Burp Cloths, you’ll need:

tri-fold cloth diapers {the best deal I could find was a 10 pack at Target for about $17}

cute, coordinating fabric {each piece needs to be about 20 x 8 inches}

coordinating ribbons {20 inch pieces, 2 per burp cloth}

coordinating thread

sewing machine and accessories

iron & ironing board


To start, wash all fabric and cloth diapers.  The cloth diapers will shrink, and anytime you’re sewing something {especially for a little one}, I think it’s best practice to wash before working with the material!  After washing, everything will also need ironed.

Cut each piece of fabric into 20 x 8 inch pieces.  My cloth diapers measured about 18 inches long, so I allowed myself about 2 inches to fold under.


Once you’ve folded the fabric to fit down the center of the cloth diaper, iron the edges so you have a nice, crisp line to sew along.

Place the fabric piece, wrong side facing down on the cloth diaper and pin the ribbon of your choice down each long side of the fabric.  I think the ribbon gives the burp cloth a more finished look.


Using your sewing machine, sew a straight line down each long side of the fabric and then along the shorter ends as well.

Soon, you’ll have a beautiful set of handmade burp cloths to give as a gift or for your little one.

easy burp cloths3

When I give burp cloths as a gift, I like to give them in sets of three.  They also could be added to a cute diaper cake like I did here.

easy burp cloths2


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  1. Awww … I remember those fun ultrasound pictures :) But I wish I had burp clothes that were that pretty!

  2. I love the fabric you chose for these! I need to make some of my own, I am due with our third in two weeks and need projects to keep my mind off of the time left to go!

  3. Love that you are not fining out the gender of your baby. I never have either and although it is tempting, I enjoy the wondering during the last 2 not so fun weeks of pregnancy.
    Also – I have an obsession with gray/charcoal and yellow lately so these burp cloths are beyond awesome.

  4. Congrats! (We may or may not be expecting as well – shhhhh, don’t tell yet :)
    Love the burp cloths!!

  5. These are super pretty. I just love the colors!

  6. Love these, Meredith! The fabric choices are fabulous!

  7. LOVE your fabric choices! We didn’t pretty them up but we also used cloth diapers as burp cloths the first time around – they are really SO handy and honestly more useful than *actual* burp cloths!

  8. Super cute, Meredith! Love the fabric! I have the top one but I want the coordinating one that goes with it! Great job, friend!

  9. I LOVE these kind of burp rags!! {they also are pretty good at wiping toddler noses too} Love the colors you picked.:)

  10. I love these! I am just a little confused on how you finish the burp cloths out. Do you leave the diaper “wings” out, or do you sew them to the back of the fabric to make a solid piece?


  11. These are so cute and fashionable. Thanks for the tutorial.

  12. Yay for babies! I am pregnant with #2 also and have made a few burp cloths with cloth diapers. I used the Gerber brand from Walmart and while they were only $10, I like those from Target better. They look like they are different material. Might have to get some! I like your fabric choice!

    • Congrats! I’ve bought the cloth diapers from WalMart too and they are definitely different form the ones that Target had!

  13. Love these – I’ve made them before but was too lazy to use ribbon on the edges. Now I know! :)

  14. These are so darn cute! I love the colors, what a great combo. We, too, love the cloth diapers as burp rags (they make great snot rags too)! I’ve done both the Gerber brand and the Target ones and found that the Target ones are a little softer and gentler on sensitive, brand-new skin. Congrats on baby #2, it’s definitely an adventure!

    I’d love for you to share this at my weekend link party. Hope to see you there!

  15. I didn’t know you were preggers! Congratulations! Love those burp cloths. :) XO

  16. Very cute! Great choice of fabric!

    • Thank you so much! Means a lot coming from the queen of the Sewing Series!! :) I’ve loved reading it each week!

  17. CONGRATS!!!!!!

    LOVE the burp cloths!!!

    Thanks for sharing this at The DIY Dreamer… From Dream To Reality! Can’t wait to see what you link up tomorrow evening!

  18. Very cute! These look like a perfect project for a baby gift- pinning for later. Congrats on baby #2!

  19. So cute! I love the colors!!!

  20. These are fabulous! I love the way they are sewn together. My sister in law is about to pop so I should get on making her some :)

    I also featured this at the Weekend Wonders Party. Come by and grab a button if you’d like. You can find it here: http://thethriftinessmiss.blogspot.com/2013/02/weekend-wonders-26-w-features.html#.URRob6WYtPI

    Have a great day!!

  21. I am an Aunt of eleven and now my oldest has had her first baby boy. I started making these 25 years ago and never used the ribbon. It is adorable but we also used them in the crib under the baby’s head just in case of drooling or spitting up the busy Mom didn’t have to change the entire bed. I usually matched the “rags” with the theme of the nursery and also made some for the Dad’s to use. Tractors, Camo, or just some that had Daddy prints on them. Yours are just beautiful!

  22. Love these burp cloths! I am wondering what material you used to sew onto the diapers. Is it regular cotton or flannel? Thanks!

  23. I have a question: do you sew the fabric to the diaper wrong sides together? then flip them right side out? I dont quite get your instructions. I am VERY new to sewing…

    • No problem! I fold the fabric on each edge so that there is a nice line and sew the fabric, wrong side down (to the burp cloth). There is no need to flip :) Hope that helps!!


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