New Mama Gift Ideas


In a few short weeks, my third pregnancy will come to an end.  And while there are definitely things I will miss about being pregnant {feeling those mid-day baby hiccups for example}, I'm pretty sure having our new baby here will be much better!  I also know that I'm going to be completely exhausted, underfed, and probably wearing pj's and yoga pants for a solid 2-3 months right outta the … [Read more...]

Easy Diaper Cake Tutorial


One of my favorite baby shower gifts to give/make are diaper cakes.  I think they are awesome because they are made with a baby essential--diapers--and then you can add lots of other cute baby items to it as well to decorate it! To make a 3-tier diaper cake, you'll need: 2-3 bags of diapers clear hair elastics {those teeny tiny ones} a cardboard cake round ribbon flower stems wooden … [Read more...]

{Easy Burp Cloths}


You can say I've got baby on the brain {seeing as that I'm now 21 weeks pregnant}! Say hello to sweet baby number two!  We aren't finding out the gender until baby is born.  We did that with Jackson, and it was such a wonderful surprise...I highly recommend it! Since I'm gearing up for another little one in the next few months, and I've got friends popping out babies left and right these days … [Read more...]

{handmade burp cloths}

The very first project that I wanted to attempt with my trusty sewing machine were some handmade burp cloths.  As I began to put this tutorial together I realized that I must have been super excited during the actual process of making the burp cloths, because I neglected to take detailed pictures of each step!  You are in luck though.  I used this tutorial from Dana at Made, and her instructions … [Read more...]