{Metallic Refrigerator Magnets}

{Metallic Refrigerator Magnets}

This may be a weird thing to admit, but I’ve always thought those brightly colored alphabet and number magnet sets that you see at the dollar store are super cute.  I’ve honestly almost purchased a pack of them on more than one occasion.  Well, over Christmas, I finally caved, and my pregnant self thought I bought a pack of the alphabet magnets.  Nope.  I swear, I didn’t even realize I had a pack of only numbers until I opened the package and spread them out on the newspaper.  Get ready, I’m sure there will be many other pregnant brain moments in the months to come.

metallic fridge magnets1

I wanted to make the magnets a bit more appealing to the adult eye, especially since my husband has said in the past that he’s not a fan of refrigerator magnets.


To make Metallic Refrigerator Magnets, you’ll need:

some magnets {dollar store find}

metallic spray paint {or any color of your choosing}

Maybe the fact that the label at the top says “Fun with ABC’s” had me thinking they were letters, but if you look next to it, the label also says magnet numbers.  Very deceiving.

Not much to really explain here.

I opened the package and spread out the numbers on a few sheets of newspaper.

paint magnets

I then spray painted several light, thin coats of the spray paint over the brightly colored number magnets until I got the desired coverage I was looking for and soon had some fancier ones…

metallic fridge magnets

Jackson dove right in and began playing with them on one of his favorite spots in the kitchen, the dish washer.

magnets in use

Look at him, already trying to multiply…my little genius!

fridge magnets

I’ll be linking up at these parties!


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  1. I love this idea!
    I dont actually have kids but I LOVE the letters on my fridge. LOL

    I will be so doing this and the silver will match my fridge. My fridge is eggplant on the front and silver on the side. :-)

  2. Such a cute idea!! I love that they look so much more fancy.:)

  3. I no longer have kids at home but think I might need a set of these for me! Love the silver.
    I just started a new Finding the Pretty & Delicious Linky Party on my blog this week – would love to have you stop by and share! http://www.yourhomebasedmom.com/finding-the-pretty-delicious-linky-party/

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