Toddler Meal Tray

One thing we’ve been trying very hard to do in our house is encourage our two year old to eat healthy and eat a variety of foods.  Now, we definitely are not perfect.  There are days that I think the only thing that he’ll put in his belly are goldfish and juice, but I figure if I continue to put the good foods out there in front of him, he’s bound to eventually give each of them a try, right?!

To make healthy eating a bit more fun, I picked up a couple of small muffin pans to serve Jackson his snacks and meals.  It’s nice because what foods he doesn’t quite finish can easily just go into the refrigerator until the next meal, and I can add a different food to it then if needed.  He likes the little “cups” and all the different colors that make up his meals too.

Use a small muffin pan to encourage healthy eating for your #toddler via #TeachMeTuesday

On this particular day, I attempted to get Jackson to eat the following at lunch time:

Use a small muffin pan to encourage healthy eating for your #toddler via #TeachMeTuesday

The one thing I didn’t think he’d touch were the ham & cheese roll ups.  He’s gotten a bit picky about eating meat lately {unless it’s a chicken nugget or a hot dog–great, I know}.  To my pleasant surprise he ate two of them!  Small victories make me smile!

Use a small muffin pan to encourage healthy eating for your #toddler via #TeachMeTuesday

He also loved the strawberries, which made this mama happy!

What foods does your toddler approve of?  I’d love to add to our list!



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  1. Niki says

    This is genius! I just tried this out with my very picky 3yr old. He said he wasn’t hungry but ate 2 of the foods. :) His favorite fruit is blueberries. I’m also trying to add more healthy foods and more variety to his diet. Thank you for this idea!


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