Toddler Meal Tray


One thing we've been trying very hard to do in our house is encourage our two year old to eat healthy and eat a variety of foods.  Now, we definitely are not perfect.  There are days that I think the only thing that he'll put in his belly are goldfish and juice, but I figure if I continue to put the good foods out there in front of him, he's bound to eventually give each of them a try, right?! To … [Read more...]

{Try It, Before You Buy {LOTS OF} It with Goodies Co.}

#sp #ad This is sponsored content by Goodies, but all opinions are my own. I'm sure you've done this before.  You find a new product at the store, contemplate if your family would enjoy said product, bring it home, and to your disappointment, it's a total bust.  PLUS, you just spent a few extra dollars on something that is now going to go to waste!  Not a fun day in this coupon clipping mama's … [Read more...]

{Bear Hugs Mix}


I mentioned earlier this week that Jackson and I went to a play group together.  Well, for the adults I made Chocolate & Oreo Parfaits, but for the kiddos I wanted something a bit more at their level.  Again, I headed to my pantry to see what I could put together that would be perfect for little hands.  I found the following ingredients and got a brilliant {at least I thought so} idea. To … [Read more...]

{toddler mix by absolute mommy}

Hey friends of Meredith and Wait til your Father gets Home!I'm super excited to be here today,sharing some back to school goodness.I'm Megan, from Absolute Mommy.  I may look pretty glam in my button, but here is the real deal.   And these two cuties are my blog inspiration. My motto is: I wasn't built for motherhood.  It built me. It's a work in progress. So if you get a chance, … [Read more...]

{chocolate drizzled popcorn}


Warning...if you decide to make this popcorn, you will eat all of it (unless you get it out of your house)!  I know it's going to be tempting to keep it to yourself, but you must share it with others (because let's be honest, popcorn and chocolate should not be consumed in large amounts-sad, I know)!  I found this recipe on, where else, but Pinterest!  Which sent me over to Bridget at Bake at 350, … [Read more...]