{Garden, Year Two}

After about two week’s time of getting our house painted {which finally included getting our front door painted} and then weekend after weekend of nonstop rain, me and my 35 week pregnant self FINALLY planted the veggies in our garden!

This is our second year having a vegetable garden, and I made some adjustments to last year’s plan.

Last year I didn’t exactly have a plan, but what I did have was way too much going on.

My handy husband made two raised garden beds on the side of our house.  I wish I would have actually taken photos of the building process.  From now on, when he’s building anything around the house, I promise to take pictures and share plans!

Plant a Veggie Garden @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #vegetables #garden #raisedbeds #seeds

Last year I planted WAY TOO MUCH!  The long list included tomatoes, cucumber, zuchinni, squash, peas, carrots, several herbs, cantaloupe  strawberries, chives, garlic, green pepper, jalapeno, and corn.  Plus I added some marigolds to either side of each bed {that got HUGE}!

Plant a Veggie Garden @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #vegetables #garden #raisedbeds #seeds

Plant a Veggie Garden @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #vegetables #garden #raisedbeds #seeds

See…way too much going on there!  I could hardly get in there to pick veggies! And we soon realized that there were only certain ones we were actually eating.

This year, I made a lot of adjustments and only planted what I knew we’d eat.

Plant a Veggie Garden @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #vegetables #garden #raisedbeds #seeds

Bed number one has two kinds of tomatoes {along the back} and two vertical rows, one of green pepper and the other zuchinni.

Plant a Veggie Garden @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #vegetables #garden #raisedbeds #seeds

Bed number two has two more types of tomatoes {that still need tomato cages}, squash, and a row of green beans {planted as seeds} along the front of the bed.  I need to put up some netting for the beans to attach and vine along soon.

I’m so glad I was finally able to get it all planted, now come on veggies, do your ‘thang and start growing!  I’m ready to stop buying produce at the grocery store for awhile!

Do you plant a garden each year?  Any tips or secrets to share for successful veggie growth?


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  1. says

    Last year you didn’t have a plan, but did have “too much going on”? LOL! And this year it’s manageable even though you are 35 weeks pregnant? HA! You are super woman! Love your garden. We bought our house last year and still have tons to do in our back yard – it was quite literally a jungle back there. Once it’s cleaned up and we have a deck, I want to plant a garden, too. You and I could be sharecroppers since we’re locals! :)

  2. says

    Oh I envy you. I’ve tried gardening here in Vegas, but it’s just to stinking hot. Hope everything works out for you! Especially your tomatoes. Nothing’s better than a fresh, juicy tomato. :)

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