Color a Monster

In case of rain or any other weather conditions, I always like to have a few back up activities indoors for kids during birthday parties.  Just because you never know what can happen.  For Henry’s Monster Themed party, I found this adorable Monster Coloring Page on Dabbles and Babbles.

Find a cute printable to match the theme of your little one's birthday party and let party guests enjoy coloring.  Color a Monster with Wait 'til Your Father Gets Home #monsterprintable #birthdayactivity

I will say, that it was so hot at one point that quite a few kiddos took a break from playing with bubbles and eating popsicles to sit inside and color.  But, at that point, this mama was full on enjoying the company of all the party guests and loving on her one year old.  Trust me when I say, they turned out super cute and very colorful!

You’ll notice that I added some of the leftover torn fabric scraps to a few galvanized buckets for the crayons.

So, whatever your birthday theme may be, do a good ole’ Google search or hop on Pinterest.  I’m sure you’ll be able to find an adorable coloring page or two that might just save the day!

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  1. Susie says

    Love this! Love the variety! I copied them into my Word program, cropped and enlarged them to make individual monsters, one per page. The possibilities are endless. I love the “fresh take” and some of these creatures. The “Underpants Monster” already has his own story! I had to color a few, too! Thank you for sharing. Blessings from Susie in Port Huron, Michigan, USA.

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