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It’s no secret that I live in Georgia.  What you may not know is that my parents don’t live here.  They live in Michigan.

In a word {or two}




Not gonna lie…it kinda sucks most of the time.  Especially now that I’ve got two little boys.  My kids are their first grandkids and of course, in true first-time grandparent fashion, they spoil those little guys any chance they can get.


Luckily, we got to spend Thanksgiving with “bamma” and “bampa” {yea, that’s just what comes out when my two year old attempts grandma and grandpa}.  It’s pretty much the cutest thing ever.

Unfortunately, we won’t be together for Christmas.  You can bet that good ‘ole bamma has already sent tons of presents that I’ve had to strategically hide around our house.  We’ve been busy making some special surprises for both of them as well.  One surprise is a Christmas card from Open Me.  It’s the absolute perfect card sending solution for this busy mama because frankly anytime I can avoid actually having to put on real pants and go to a store is a good day.  I’m kidding.  Kind of.

So, it works like this…


I can’t decide which feature I think is cooler.

Delivery Method: I love that I can decide how I want to deliver the card.  For just $4.00 you can print and deliver it.  You may be thinking….that’s kind of a lot of money.  Well, I ask you to think about it one more time.  Most “nicer” cards that you’d buy in a store cost upwards of $3.99-$5.99.  Add the cost of postage to that {which nowadays is like $25, kidding again…kind of}.  $4.00 to send a card via snail mail ain’t so bad!  You can also just send it via email…for free.  That rocks.

Delivery Date: If you tend to be super on top of things and always planning in advance, you might just love this feature.  Regardless of the delivery method you choose, you can also choose the date your card will be sent.  How awesome is that?

Sign the card: No more forged signatures!  You can send it to others that need to sign it first, then mail it off to the actual recipient!  Fun, huh?!

I chose four designs that I liked and took to Instagram to see what you all thought…



And the winner {and honestly my fav} is the “long hair, don’t care” card.

It took me all of 5 minutes to make the card {and most of that time was spent choosing a personal photo to add to the inside message}.  The process couldn’t have been easier!

First I selected the “long hair, don’t care” card from the Holiday Card menu.  That brought down a little drop down menu where I could select to make a single card or multiple cards.  I went with the single card option.


Next, I chose a picture to upload of the boys and added a message from them.  Once I was done with that, I previewed the entire card, front, middle, and back.


From there, I could set the date that I wanted to deliver the card.  I chose to send the card via email {it’s FREE, and I like FREE}.


And one of the coolest parts is that it displays a ticker showing a countdown of when your card will be sent to the recipient.


 I know that “bamma and bampa” will be so surprised to get an card from Open Me from their two favorite grandkids.


{We’re still working on the proper holding technique}

Who are you going to send an Open Me card to this year?!  Go try it out for yourself now…it’s the easiest way to spread holiday cheer {that and singing loud for all to hear}!

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    I will be checking out these cards. I love the look of them. So sorry that your parents live so far away. That’s hard. I look forward to being a grandparent…my kids never got to know my parents so I dream of the whole grandparent thing and want to make up for it with their kids. Have a wonderful Christmas!

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