Favorite Apps for Toddlers

Favorite Apps for Toddlers

Today’s Teach Me Tuesday is a little bit different.  No cute handmade activity to share today.  Instead, we’re going to talk technology.

Let me start this post by saying that this is not in any way a sponsored post.  I simply LOVE these apps {or I should say, my toddler loves these apps}.  I know many parents like to limit the “screen time” their child gets each day, and to that I say to each his own.  Use this list as you want.  Let your kiddo play for a quick 10 minutes or an hour in the car on the way home from grandma’s…no judgement here!

16 Apps toddlers & parents love via www.waittilyourfathergetshome.com #apps #ipad #iphone #educational #games #toddler

Many of these apps were found because of a really cool free app finder that I recently got called “Apps Gone Free”.  First and foremost, download that app.  It will become your new best friend.  Basically it rounds up any and all free apps found on that day and puts them all on a nice, easy list.  I usually look through it before bed and 9 times out of 10 have a new app or two to try out the next day {or that night if I just can’t wait}.  Now, they obviously aren’t all toddler apps, but usually there are lots of kids apps featured each week!


Apps Gone Free

Now, onto the toddler apps…

16 Apps toddlers & parents love via www.waittilyourfathergetshome.com #apps #ipad #iphone #educational #games #toddler

I’ll share a little about each, starting at the top, from left to right.  The price will be listed as well as whether or not it’s iPad only, iPhone only, or Universal.

1.  Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood: Play at Home with Daniel {$1.99/Universal}–this app is adorable, just like Daniel Tiger.  My toddler’s favorite two things to do on this app are help Daniel to use the potty {anyone else potty training out there?!} and to give Daniel stickers.  There are lots of other cute games on the app as well.  Definitely worth the $1.99 in my opinion!

2.  Trucks & Shadows {$1.99/Universal}–in this app, kids match different trucks and “things that go” to the correct shadow.  It’s great for little boys {or girls} that love trucks, cars, trains, planes, and puzzles!

3.  Toddler Counting 123 {$.99/Universal}–this app is very straightforward.  Objects appear on the screen and kids touch each object as the app counts aloud with them.

4.  Sago Mini Sound Box {FREE/Universal}–I adore this app!  It’s a great way to introduce sound and music.  They shake, rattle, and tap to hear different chimes, horns, animals, and more.  My little guy loves this one.

5.  Sago Mini Forest Flyer {$1.99/Universal}–Okay, this one is a little silly, but it makes my little guy laugh nonstop.  It’s definitely more of a game than an educational app, but the little bird is too cute and the adventures he gets into can be quite interesting!

6.  Winnie the Pooh Wonder and Wander {FREE/Universal}–Who doesn’t love Winnie the Pooh?!  This app is very interactive and can keep your little one entertained for quite a while.  It was my go to app for a long time!

7.  Peekaboo Fridge {$1.99/Universal}–This app is super cute and helps your child learn his or her fruits, veggies, and other healthy snacks that hide behind the fridge doors.

8.  PBS KIDS Video {FREE/Universal}–All of your favorite PBS KIDS shows in one super organized app.  Great for watching video on the go of entire episodes and segments.  This one works wonders in the waiting room at the doctor’s office!

9.  Peekaboo Barn {$1.99/Universal}–This was the first app I purchased for my little one.  He still loves it and all of the cute animals hiding behind the barn door.

10.  Avokkido Emotions-Playful Learning for Kids {$1.99/Universal}–By far, this is my toddler’s current fav.  He would sit on the iPad for hours {if I let him} playing with these silly animals.  Different props {hats, sunglasses, instruments} drop down and each animal reacts differently to what you put on them.  A ton of fun and VERY cute!

11.  Watch Disney Jr. {FREE/Universal}–If you have a paid cable subscription, you can access more than the regular app itself and even see live shows.  Never fear because if you don’t have cable, you can still access a couple of episodes of your child’s favorite Disney Jr. shows.

12.  Cut the Rope {$.99/Universal}–You’d think this one would be difficult for a two year old.  Nope.  He’s better at the game than me!

13.  Toddler Tap  {$.99/Universal}–this is a great app to learn everyday objects that your toddler encounters on a daily basis.

14.  ABC House {FREE for a limited time/Universal}–this app is like a big stack of interactive flash cards.  Children choose a letter and then are shown tons of pictures of words that start with that letter.

15.  Writing Wizard {$2.99/iPad}–this app is more for the preschool/kindergarten crowd, but my toddler enjoys the cute pictures and colors that show up as he attempts to trace the letters.  This one would be great for visual learners!

16.  Ask Me! Colors and Shapes {$2.99/Universal}–this app is PERFECT for kids that are learning their shapes and colors.  There are different learning modes that parents can set too!

There you have it!  These are the current favorites in our house.  What about you?  Does your little guy or gal have a favorite app that I didn’t list here?  Please share with all of us if you’ve got one that’s fantastic.

Happy learning!


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  1. a couple of the universal ones i couldn’t find for android! we love endless abc for ipad too!

  2. You forgot our favorite: phone4kids. Letters, numbers, colors, animals, days of the week , music and lots more. IOS and Android. Free version is great. Upgrade to paid version (~$4) if your kid likes it and you get a bunch more games!

  3. Any of the apps by toca boca are wonderful! My 3 year old especially loves the holiday hair salon where she can make Santana hair pink! :) not all are free but I would totally pay for any of them. They also will at some points change one to free for a few days.

  4. This is perfect. My little one is 15-months-old now, and he has discovered the wonders of the iPad and iPhone!

  5. Tapps My Virtual Pet on IPhone is very cute! (And free) They get to take care of an animal by feeding it and playing with it. The games are all educational, such as counting, ‘guess the shadow’, memory cards, sorting and musical animals. You can play it with or without sound too! I just happened to stumble across it one day and I am so glad I did! I won’t lie, I sort of like playing it too ;) it definitely doesn’t have the feel of an educational game but it is, win-win for stubborn kids like mine!


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