Monster Birthday Party Ideas


Over the past few weeks I've enjoyed sharing all of the monster themed birthday party ideas that I incorporated into my middle child's first birthday party.  Here they all are, in one easy to find spot! Torn Fabric Birthday Banner Monster Eye Birthday Celebration Wreath Monster Eye Mobile Monster Bubble Wand Party Favors Color a Monster Party Activity Birthday Memory Book Easy Party … [Read more...]

Homeschool Lesson Plan Book Plus Free Printable Plan Pages


This year I've decided to truly make a commitment to begin homeschooling our oldest little guy.  He just turned 3 in July and loves to learn.  He often asks if he can "do his work" and loves to get out educational toys that this one time teacher has managed to save and accumulate over the years.  Just like when I taught, I've searched long and hard to find a lesson plan book to fit my needs with … [Read more...]

Five Keeping It Real Potty Training Tips


Today’s post is sponsored by Pull-Ups, but my love for their Big Kid Academy option is all my own! Today we're going to talk potty training.  That dreaded time in all parent's lives when your entire home basically becomes a toilet, and your precious little one can at any moment mark his or her territory without any warning whatsoever.  I'm here to talk to you today as a survivor of potty training … [Read more...]

Basil Infused Olive Oil


I've got another quick and easy recipe for all of that basil growing in your garden.  Why not make some basil infused olive oil?! [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:3] You can always use fresh basil, but only if you intend on using the olive oil that day.  Do not make this recipe and intend to store it if using fresh basil {or any other herbs}.  The moisture from the fresh herbs will gather mold over time! … [Read more...]

Easy & Delicious Refrigerator Pickles


 We have a bit of a disagreement in our house.  I love cucumbers but totally dislike pickles while my husband can't stomach cucumbers but could eat pickles all day long.  So, what to do with our huge harvest of cucumbers this season?  Easy.  I ate as many as I wanted {usually dipped in some yummy ranch dressing or dip of some kind}, and when I couldn't eat another cucumber, I used the rest to make … [Read more...]