{Snowflake Blog Party & Snow Day Frame}


When I think of January and February, I used to think of snow.  I don't think of it so much anymore since I now live in Georgia and not Michigan.  Let's pretend for a moment that I do live in Michigan.  What's better than just plain old, regular snow, especially if you're a little kid?  Why, a SNOW DAY of course!  Those were the best days ever when I was little {and even when I was an adult and … [Read more...]

{Kid-Friendly Ornaments with Mod Podge}


What I'm about to show you is going to be shocking!  You will never believe all of the wonderful goodies I received from Plaid Crafts.  I was blown away {and so super excited} by all the possibilities of future projects to come! I still can't believe just how many awesome products I get to try out in the many weeks months to come.  Because, let's be real...this stuff seems like it just may last … [Read more...]