{Washi Tape Notecards}


I'm smack in the middle of enjoying two sweet babies, but wanted to share a quick, easy, and inexpensive craft idea with all of you this morning!  It's so easy, that it's actually something I do on a somewhat regular basis to make my grocery shopping a bit more exciting {because who says grocery shopping with an infant and a toddler in tow isn't exciting enough?!} To brighten up your next … [Read more...]

{guest post: a glimpse inside}


Hi friends!  Today I'll be guest posting for Allison at A Glimpse Inside since she just had Baby M this week!  Congrats to Allison and Travis on their brand new baby girl!  Please visit her blog to show her some love and also check out my guest post tutorial on making my little guy's {20 Questions Birthday Memory Book}!  I made one for my niece in March and just had to make one for Jackson's … [Read more...]

{clip, clip…take 2}


Remember when I posted about couponing and coupon organization?  Well, my lovely, organized coupon box bit the dust pavement on Monday in the parking lot of the pediatrician's office.   R.I.P. broken (and not as sturdy as I thought you were) coupon box.  Luckily it wasn't a windy day and all of the coupons just plopped out onto the parking lot to soak in the sun.  So before I got little … [Read more...]

{favorite things: baby stuff}

Over the past eight months, (yes...my baby is already eight months old now) I have learned that there are a lot of baby products out there.  I've also learned what works best for him and for us as a family.  Here are some of our favorites... Desitin I'm pretty sure my mom used this when I was a baby.  Desitin has been around for years.  I received several diaper rash creams from my baby showers … [Read more...]

{nobody puts baby in the corner}

I'm in the mood for another list, are you?  Lists are super easy to think of, and I'm in a super easy kind of a mood!  Remember my friend Vanessa, got her inspiration for creating a Listable Life over on Moments that Define Life.  Since I'm sure you've heard the quote above a time or too, I'll just jump right in... My top five favorite movies of all time...this was REALLY hard and I definitely … [Read more...]