Chalk Paint & Twine Mason Jar


Raise your hand if you're ready for Spring? This girl is FOR SURE!  I've got an easy and colorful way to bring Spring into your home NOW {yes, even if it's still 30 something degrees outside and you can see more snow than grass}. To make your own chalk paint mason jar, you'll need the following supplies: chalk paint foam brush mason jar {I used a recycled pizza sauce jar} twine hot … [Read more...]

{pencil vase from chase the star}

Hello Wait Til Your Father Gets Home readers!  I'm Barbara from Chase the Star and I'm tickled to be part of Meredith's super cool Back-to-School series! I can't believe it's already time for our kiddos to go back to school!  Summer just flew by didn't it? We do so much to get them ready for school each year, but most of us parents forget just how much work the teachers have to do to prepare! … [Read more...]

{guest post: the taylor house}


Welcome to my little corner of the blogosphere, Taylor House readers!  And a special thanks to Chrissy for asking me to guest post for her today!  I'm so excited to share one of my most favorite projects I've ever done with all of you.  I know it's the 5th of July (and I hope all of you had a fantastic 4th), but this planter is the PERFECT addition for any All-American outdoor space. This planter, … [Read more...]

{star spangled planter}


As promised, I'm back this week with the second planter that we created for our back yard.  We stuck with red, white, and blue theme, using good ole' Krylon Indoor/Outdoor Spray paint once again in Banner Red and Navy Blue.  This planter, like the Mad Planter,  was also inspired by morning Pinterest perusing which led me to Amy @ Positively Splendid.  I love her version with the house number … [Read more...]

{the mad planter}


Let me just start by saying that this might be my most favorite project I've done since starting {Wait Til Your Father Gets Home}.  Since we moved into our house, my husband has made it his mission to completely yank out everything from our yard (front, back, sides, the whole-she-bang).  The yard we acquired was, to be blunt......a hot mess.  We pretty much have a blank canvas to work with now … [Read more...]