12 Refreshing Projects to Brighten Your Home

Happy Sunday everyone!  We've got a rainy, cold day here in Georgia, and since my little guys took some long {and very needed} afternoon naps, I've rounded up twelve fabulous projects for all of us to be a little more inspired this week.  After all, the weather is {hopefully} going to start getting warmer, and I'm sure most of our homes could use a little attention! Please click through, and … [Read more...]

Christmas Bulb Wreath


This post is brought to you by my complete lack of ability to estimate. #EnglishMajor It is, however, a project that I've wanted to do for some time now.  No, it's definitely not my original idea {because, trust me, there are tons of these on Pinterest}, but I'm excited to share my version with all of you today.  Maybe it will inspire you to make one of your own! There are several methods to … [Read more...]

{upcycled bottle decor}


This is one of my very first posts from the beginning of Wait Til Your Father Gets Home.  I wanted to revisit it with all of my current readers as it's one of my all time favorite projects, and I think it's just such a great way to decorate around your home! Enjoy! Before I lose you, I'm not talking about displaying all the beer you've ever had on top of your kitchen cabinets like so many of my … [Read more...]

{Easter Egg Garland & Mantel}


Spring is definitely in the air, and we got a nice hint of it this past weekend in Georgia!  With a new season approaching, I've been changing a lot of the decor in my house to get us all in a fresh, Springtime mood.  When I saw these cute Easter egg ornaments at Hobby Lobby a few weeks ago, I knew they'd be perfect for an Easter Egg Garland for my Spring Mantel! To make Easter Egg … [Read more...]

DIY Your Wedding with the Bridal Collection by David Tutera


Back when I was planning my wedding in 2009, Pinterest didn't exactly exist yet {at least I wasn't aware of it if it did} and my local craft stores didn't exactly have a whole lot to offer this DIY girl to work with.  Fast forward a few years and WOW!  The products available and the resources to find ideas are off the charts.  Now, I don't need to plan another wedding for myself as I'm a happily … [Read more...]