{dresser organization}


I don't know about you, but if you were to open my dresser drawers this is what you'd typically find... and this... and this... It's a disaster!  Hubby and I share a dresser in our bedroom; we both have three drawers each for clothes.  Since he doesn't like me to even do his laundry (a blessing, I know), I just stuck to my side of the dresser for my reorganization efforts.  I have a drawer for … [Read more...]

{spray painted mason jar}

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I have a super fast craft to share today.  The only thing you really have to wait for is paint to dry...fun stuff!  Since really getting into Pinterest and blogging, I've been hoarding collecting any can or jar that I use while cooking.  I even find myself sometimes buying a certain brand because I want the jar for a project afterwards.  Come on, a girl can never have too many empty jars laying … [Read more...]

{beer bottle decor}


Before I lose you, I'm not talking about displaying all the beer you've ever had on top of your kitchen cabinets like so many of my friends did in college.  Although it might have been considered really cool back then, times have changed.  We've traded in our beer bottles for baby bottles most days, but occasionally have some time to enjoy a few with good neighbors and friends!  Recently, my … [Read more...]

{2 minute project}

While cleaning out my kitchen desk area I have stumbled across a ton of items that I didn't even realize where in there.  I'll talk a little more about the kitchen desk re-org another time, but wanted to share a quick little project I did in the middle of it (I needed a de-cluttering break if you know what I mean).  So I made these... Aren't they cute!? The best part?  I had all the materials … [Read more...]

{calendar girl}

I used to be a devoted planner owner.  I shamelessly bought packs and packs of new, colorful pens anytime I went to the store.  I was a color-coding, date tracking, write everything down freak of nature.  Since quitting my job as a teacher to become a stay at home mom, I rarely find that I need an actual planner to write things down anymore.  I don't have meetings to remember, papers to grade, … [Read more...]