Easy Homemade Baby Food

Thank you to Cuisinart for sponsoring today’s post and keeping my little guy’s meals quick and healthy.  As always, all opinions are 100% my own!

You definitely do not have to be a culinary wizard to prepare simple, healthy, fresh baby foods and puree’s for the little ones in your life.  I only wish I had jumped on the make-your-own-baby-food bandwagon with my first child like I did with my second.  He is such a better eater than his big brother already.  And now, making his food is even easier with the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker.

Make homemade baby food for your little ones the easy way, with the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker #HomemadeBabyFood #Cuisinart #sp

Before I could begin making a few new puree’s for my littlest, we hit up our local grocery store and went straight to the organic produce.  The boys had fun helping me choose some fresh fruits while they sat in the race car cart guiding me along the way.

Make homemade baby food for your little ones the easy way, with the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker #HomemadeBabyFood #Cuisinart #sp

On this particular day, we picked up a few pears, peaches, apples, bananas, and fresh spinach.  Once we got home, and they snuggled in for their naps, this mama got busy creating some delicious new baby food blends.

My personal favorite {and Henry’s too} was what I’m going to call, The Green Machine.

Make homemade baby food for your little ones the easy way, with the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker #HomemadeBabyFood #Cuisinart #sp

I followed the instructions that came with the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker and added about 100 ml of water to steam the peeled and chopped peach.  After turning the dial to steam, the baby food maker knows just the right amount of time to actually steam the fruit or veggie you place in the machine.  How awesome is that?!  Once the peach was steamed to perfection, I added the banana and the fresh spinach and then turned the dial to chop.  In less than a minute, the puree was prepared and absolutely delicious!  I love that I had control of how much I wanted to chop/puree the food.  Since Henry is over one now, he doesn’t need his food to be super thin, so I left the consistency a bit thicker than one would for a baby just starting out with fruits and veggies.

So, why should you get a Cuisinart Baby Food Maker?!

This powerful machine steams, chops and purees your nutritious ingredients with ease making homemade baby food the gold standard for your baby.  And it’s seriously the easiest thing EVER!

The  4-cup work bowl produces large batches of vegetables, meats and even fruits that you can freeze and store for convenient future use.

Make baby food in 3 simple steps, first steam raw ingredients by using the integrated measuring cup to add the right amount of water. Next start by first chopping the ingredients then puree for quick and easy baby food with a perfectly smooth consistency every time!

The steam blade creates even steam distribution for quicker, more efficient results; the bowl seal prevents spilling and steam escape, and when you’re ready to pour the patent pending blade lock system keeps the blade in place and out of your way.

And, when making batches of baby food conveniently save them in the Cuisinart® Baby Food Storage Containers!  With specially designed racks that fit neatly inside the Baby Food Maker, they reheat your baby food quick and easy!

Make homemade baby food for your little ones the easy way, with the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker #HomemadeBabyFood #Cuisinart #sp

The Cuisinart Baby® Food Maker also includes a built in function to perfectly warm baby bottles!  Perfect for those late night feedings!

If you are past the point of needing a baby food maker in your life, this would make a wonderful {and much appreciated} baby shower gift for any new and expecting mom, trust me!

You can visit the Cuisinart Baby Food Maker page for recipe inspirations.  What are you waiting for?!




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  1. courtney b says

    i used something similar to this when i first had my baby- i used a baby bullet which made healthy food but it was a pain in the butt to use!

  2. says

    I used to make homemade baby food in my old school blender. This looks SO much better! It has so many uses! I’m totally keeping it in mind for the next one of my friends that has a baby! :)

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