Gardening Made Easy with Miracle-Gro Gro-Ables

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Since we moved into our home about three years ago now, we’ve had a garden.

The first year, it was AWESOME and produced a ton of veggies, but I’ll be the first to admit, it was way too crowded and I tried to grow way too many different kinds of veggies.

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The second year {being 100% honest here}, it kinda stunk.  We experienced an abnormal amount of rain that season and the garden was just so water-logged the entire time.  Towards the end of summer we finally had some tomatoes and peppers grow, but that’s about it.

Use Miracle-Gro's all new Gro-Ables this Spring to get your garden growing beautiful, delicious, and healthy vegetables in no time via #sponsored #MiracleGro #GroAbles

This year, it’s still pretty cold outside, so I’m not quite sure that we should be planiting our garden just yet.  I’m planning to prep it and get the soil ready, but I don’t really want to plant and veggies for another couple of weeks.  Instead, I’ll start growing a few veggies inside with the new Miracle-Gro Gro-ables!

Globe Tomato photo 12_MG_Tomato_5506_1209002_V01_zps3fb9ae29.jpg

I’ve gotten a few planters and plan to just pop the Gro-ables into the soil, so that when it’s time to transplant them to the prepped garden, they are already on their way to growing big and tall!

Here’s a peek at how to plant the Gro-ables…

There are so many delicious recipes swimming through mind.  Since I’ve got the basil, sweet pepper, and tomato pods, I’m thinking of creating a delicious chicken fajita dish with all of my home-grown ingredients.  Yum!  I can taste it now!

Until then, I will patiently wait for my Gro-ables to do their thing and of course for the weather to get warmer.

Make sure to check back in a month or two to check out the delicious recipe!


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  1. says

    We love to garden and were just out in our garden yesterday looking at how bad they looked and how much we wanted to clean them up and get our spring planting done. Must try these gro-ables!!!

  2. says

    This is such a great idea. I used to grow huge gardens….then I had kids…then I got a job and worked far too much ~ last year was the first year I had a garden again and it was horrible…I thought I lost my green thumb but with this I think I stand a chance! I can’t wait to buy and plant some of these.

  3. krystel says

    great idea i still have a huge garden but alot of parts around my garden dosent happen to grow i will keep this in mind

  4. says

    Been seeing these everywhere and I am super excited to try them- we have no space for a garden, but I could certainly make these work in what we do have!

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