Recipe Binder

Recipe Binder

Let me tell you, this is something that I have been meaning to put together for over a year now.  No joke.  I had all the supplies just waiting for me in my kitchen cupboard near my shelf of cookbooks, but for some reason just could not make myself sit down and put it together.  That’s why I was absolutely THRILLED when Sarah from Mama’s Got It Together contacted me and offered to send me a couple of items from her super cute Etsy shop to try out.  I jumped at the chance and could hardly contain myself as I waited the ten minutes it took her to respond back with my digital download link {she’s fast y’all}.

So FINALLY, I’ve got a beautiful new Recipe Binder just waiting to be filled to the brim with delicious-ness.

Mama's Got It Together #Recipe Binder printables PLUS a $30 shop credit #giveaway via

I even broke out my Cricut to label the spine for easy locating in my mess of a cabinet {cleaning it out is next on the “to do” list}.

Mama's Got It Together #Recipe Binder printables PLUS a $30 shop credit #giveaway via

I settled in with a warm cup of coffee, my stack of some favorite food magazines, some old torn out pages that I’ve held onto, and random recipe cards that don’t have a “home”.

Mama's Got It Together #Recipe Binder printables PLUS a $30 shop credit #giveaway via

Putting the binder together was super easy.  I grabbed a one inch binder, clear sheet protectors, and some new pens.  After about half an hour, my pile of random recipe cards and magazine clippings was, gasp, organized!

Mama's Got It Together #Recipe Binder printables PLUS a $30 shop credit #giveaway via

The Recipe Binder comes with a  Cover Page for over 20 recipe categories, a Recipe Index to include behind each cover where you can list out the order of each section, and a super cute Recipe Page that you can copy for each recipe you’d like to write out by hand.

Mama's Got It Together #Recipe Binder printables PLUS a $30 shop credit #giveaway via

It is my new favorite part of my kitchen, by far!  And the nice thing is, once I find a new recipe that I know I love, all I have to do is copy it onto a new recipe page and pop it in a sheet protector!

Excited to make your own recipe binder?  Or maybe you’re in need of a totally awesome Household binder?  Sarah’s got you covered!  She’s been so sweet and is offering a $30 shop credit to one lucky Wait Til Your Father Gets Home reader!  Follow the Rafflecopter form below for your chance to win!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In case you don’t win {because let’s face it, we can’t all be winners}, you’re still in luck!  Sarah’s Facebook fans get a 30% off coupon code if they spend $30 or more in her shop AND there is a 20% off $20 code right in the listings in her shop that can be used anytime!

Good luck and happy organizing!


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  1. Thank you, thank you for the lovely review! Also, in case your readers are looking for the 20% off coupon, it’s not right in the listing anymore but they’re more than welcome to still use it, the code is 20PERCENT. :)

  2. Oh so need this!!!

  3. I’m so bad about cramming recipes written on scraps of paper into a recipe book. I have lost a lot of great recipes this way. I really need to do this. Thanks for sharing and motivating me!

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