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Father’s Day is quickly approaching, and I’ve got the perfect gift idea for you to make with your kiddos this year for the special man in your lives.  All you need are a few wooden letters, spray paint in the color of your choice, some cute kiddos, a camera and a nice frame.

wooden letters

No, my son doesn’t call his dad “da”, but I figured since he’d be holding one letter in each photo, why did I need to buy two “d’s”?  I know what you’re thinking…wow, she’s smart.  And, thank you!

I had some navy blue spray paint on hand already, applied a few thin coats during naptime, and got my little guy photo shoot ready after he woke up.  *This was our gift last year…wasn’t he the cutest little 11 month old ever?!

Father's Day #photo gift idea @ Wait Til Your Father Gets Home #fathersday

Hopefully you get the idea.  Hand your kid the correct letter to hold, make goofy noises and faces, and hope that you get at least a few shots of them smiling and looking happy!  Once you’re satisfied with the 200+ shots you took {yep, I really think I took that many}, print out your favorites to spell out Dad {or Pop, or Daddy, or PaPa, or Gramps…whatever you so desire}.  This gift is awesome because you can obviously incorporate all your kids into the photo collage.  Since we’ve got a new little one this year, I’m thinking the two kids will be in the middle and then they’ll each get an individual shot with the letter “d”.

I bought a nice three photo collage frame at Michael’s with a coupon, popped in the three photos, and voila!  Instant Father’s Day gift that your mister can proudly display at work.

I’m looking forward to updating this gift each year for my husband!


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