{Burlap & Heart Valentine Wreath}

All the Christmas decor has finally been put away in the attic until next December.  Since I cannot bear the thought of a bare front door, of course I got busy soon after the Christmas wreath came down making a new one.  With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I broke out the red burlap and created this beauty…

burlap heart valentine wreath

To Make a Burlap & Heart Valentine Wreath, you’ll need:

foam wreath form

2 rolls of red burlap {found at Hobby Lobby}

floral picks

heart decor {actually a candle/table wreath from Target’s $ Spot}

hot glue gun/glue sticks


To start, I wrapped the entire wreath form in the red burlap and secured each end with a floral pin.

wrap wreath

Easy peasy.

Once the wreath was wrapped {and the green foam was no longer visible}, I began to pin and bubble the remainder of the burlap roll around the front side of the wreath.  Once you get started, you’ll figure out how you want the bubbles to lay and it will be full in a matter of minutes.

bubble pin

At this point I realized that the heart wreath I purchased at the Target $ Spot wasn’t actually one of those garlands you could wrap around an actual wreath.  Instead it was one of those tabletop wreaths that you would set at the base of a large pillar candle or glass vase.  So, I decided to just snip off the hearts with some wire cutters and hot glue them around the wreath itself.  Hey, for $1, I wasn’t too bothered by my mistake!

And now my front door is just as ready for Valentine’s Day as I am!

burlap heart wreath

{P.S. As soon as the weather is a bit nicer hubby will be helping me get the front door painted from our current blah color to a beautiful red.  Hopefully by the next time I post a new wreath, I’ll also have a pretty red front door to show you as well}!


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  1. says

    I love this! I need a wreath or two in my house.
    Curious… Do you keep your made wreaths or do you disassemble and resuse for another wreath later? If you keep them do you store them?

    • meredith says

      Good question. Sometimes I re-use wreath forms, especially when I use my grapevine wreath. Lately I’ll just put them in a trash bag and hang them in the attic though. Luckily we’ve got a good spot to hang them!

  2. says

    Ooh! I love this! I’m meeting with some gals for a crafting group on Saturday and they want to make a wreath…pinning this to our group idea board!

    • meredith says

      Happy to join your party each week! Burlap in a roll is easier for a wreath, but purchasing by the yard is probably cheaper!

  3. says

    SO festive! I love it! :)

    Thank you for linking up to Financial Friday at the Grant life! Im going to feature this Tuesday in my Valentine’s roundup! Be sure to check it out :)


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