{Snowflake Blog Party & Snow Day Frame}

When I think of January and February, I used to think of snow.  I don’t think of it so much anymore since I now live in Georgia and not Michigan.  Let’s pretend for a moment that I do live in Michigan.  What’s better than just plain old, regular snow, especially if you’re a little kid?  Why, a SNOW DAY of course!  Those were the best days ever when I was little {and even when I was an adult and teaching}.

To put me in the snow day spirit, I decided to make a cute little frame for my kitchen desk.  It was so super easy, and I just used supplies I already had in my craft closet.


Snow Day Frame Materials

wooden snowflakes {I ended up only using one}

snowflake scrapbook paper

snow day graphic {found on a cute piece of scrapbook paper}

hot glue gun/glue

picture frame {mine were from the clearance section at Target, 3 for $.85}


To start, I undid the back of the frame to get the piece of card stock from inside.  This was my template for sizing the blue and white snowflake scrapbook paper.  I cut it to size and also found a cute “snow day” square on the other sheet of scrapbook paper and cut it out.  I used my super cute snowman scissors.  These are seriously my favorite pair of scissors.  I have no idea where they’re from as they were a “teacher gift” one Christmas from a 3rd grader, but they are seriously the best.  And, yes, I use them year-round.


Once the inside of the frame was ready, I popped the background in and closed the frame again.  I wanted to give the frame a little “bling”, so I added one wooden snowflake to the top corner and “blinged” it up even more by adding a light pink pearl to each arm of the snowflake.  I like the dimension it adds!

Snow Day Frame2

I added it to the corner of my kitchen desk to dream of snow days in Georgia!

Snow Day Frame1

What about you?  I know kids are just now getting back to school, but are they already dreaming of a snow day?

Some of my bloggy friends also shared some snowflake themed crafts and ideas.  Stop by and visit a few of them!  I know I already see several ideas that I want to pin, so I can try them out myself!




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