{Apothecary Inspired Halloween Decor}

{Apothecary Inspired Halloween Decor}

I hope you all had a fantastic weekend!  I’m so excited to share with you today one of my most favorite projects I’ve ever made.  I would have shared it with you this time last year (when I actually made them), but this little ‘ole blog didn’t exist yet.

This craft is perfect for Halloween candy or objects…you pick!  I just knew that if I filled these jars with candy, they wouldn’t have stayed full for long!

{Apothecary Inspired Halloween Jars}

You’ll need:

black & white acrylic paint

three glass jars of varying sizes

3 wooden balls

glitter ribbon

orange and black filler items

wooden letters that spell out BOO

hot glue gun/glue

To get started, paint the wooden balls and the lids of each jar black and the wooden letters white.

Fill each jar with cute Halloween decor {or candy if you can resist eating it} while you wait for the paint to dry.  I used small orange and black glittered vase filler, spider rings, orange and black gems, and ribbons.

Once the paint dries, hot glue each ball to the center of the top of  each lid, attach some black glitter ribbon to the rim of the lid, and hot glue the wooden letters to the front of each jar as well, one for each.  {Note: If your letters are small enough, I think they could also look cute on top of the lid as opposed to having the wooden balls, it’s up to you}!

You can bet I’ll have these out all month long in anticipation of the big day!

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  1. Ya, that’s stinkin’ adorable and crafty. I’m putting a pin on it. :D

  2. These are SO cute, Meredith!!

  3. I love the stuff that you filled the jars with! Very cute!

  4. These are too cute, Mer! Love them!

  5. How cute Meredith!! I have these exact same jars and it’s never occurred to me to paint the lids! So cute!! Great idea:)

  6. What a super cute idea! I love it! And it seems so easily doable. Great job!

    Found you from the linkup. Newest follower!

    Come and say hi!


  7. I absolutely love these! Can’t wait to try! New follower here :)

  8. another great project

  9. Hi , I’m Anne from Life on the Funny Farm (http://annesfunnyfarm.blogspot.com) visiting from Fantabulous Friday.

    These look fantastic! Thanks for sharing.

    It’s nice to “meet” you. I hope you can pop over to my blog and say hi sometime if you get the chance.

  10. I love how simple and effective this project is, my kids would love it! Just perfect for trick or treat.

  11. Very fun idea Meredith!
    Thanks for linking up to the Autumn Inspiration Party!
    Stacey of Embracing Change

  12. g. m. sweat says:

    Very cute. Where did you get the jars?

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