{wood & wine cork pumpkin}

We are currently in the process of building custom bunk beds {full project tutorial coming sometime soon–hopefully} for Jackson’s “big boy” room.  {And by “we” I mean my loving and very handy hubby}.

What does this have to do with a pumpkin you ask?


I noticed that there were a bunch of little wood scraps left over from the many cuts he’s had to make.  I went out to the garage and found a few that I’d be able to use to make a little wooden pumpkin similar to A Diamond in the Stuff’s version seen here.

Wood & Wine Cork Pumpkin

To make one, you’ll need:

4 pieces of scrap wood (sanded)

wood glue or hot glue

orange paint

mod podge

fall/halloween scrapbook paper

wine corks

brown ribbon

Hubby was out of town when I wanted to work on this project and little ole’ me had never used a power sander before.  I know it’s not a difficult tool to use, but this power tool challenged girl did it!  It was actually kind of fun and WOW, what a difference a little sanding makes!

After sanding each of the four wooden blocks, I gave them all a single coat of “jack-o-lantern orange” acrylic paint using a foam brush.

Once they dried (which didn’t take more than half an hour), I lightly sanded them by hand to distress the edges a bit.  Because I wanted the two end pieces to attach off of the surface, I used a clamp I found in the garage as well (it’s like a whole new world out there).  I used hot glue, but wood glue would also work–and definitely require the use of a clamp of some sort.

I let it hang out like this overnight…I know I didn’t need to, but I had so many other projects and things going on that it got put on the back burner for a day.

Once I was ready to come back to it, I decided to use two different scrapbook papers, one for each side.  That way I could just turn the pumpkin around for a new look as the mood struck me!

To measure the paper I honestly just marked with a pencil where it needed to stop and used a paper cutter to make nice, straight cuts.  To apply the paper to each side of the pumpkin, I applied a liberal  amount of Mod Podge to the wood, attached the paper, smoothed out any bubbles, and sealed the paper (and the entire pumpkin) with another coat of Mod Podge.

It’s okay if it gets in the cracks between the wood pieces.  It dries completely clear!

Once my pumpkin was dry, I needed a stem.  I didn’t want to have to use the power saw.  I had visions of fingers flying off and no one to help me sew them back on.  So instead I grabbed three wine corks out of our little collection to attach the top.  I also added a little bow made out of brown ribbon that I had in my stash.  And voila!

I just l.o.v.e. this little chunky pumpkin, don’t you!?

I’d show you where I put it in my house, but it’s upstairs in the loft area (and it’s lacking in natural light of any sort).  So I took it outside for a little photo shoot!

Have you ever used a power tool?  Do you think I’m a big sissy for not wanting to use a saw?

Please leave a comment or two, I love to hear from my readers!

I’ll be partying here this week!  Come join me!

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