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Hello Wait Til Your Father Gets Home readers!  I’m Barbara from Chase the Star and I’m tickled to be part of Meredith’s super cool Back-to-School series!
I can’t believe it’s already time for our kiddos to go back to school!  Summer just flew by didn’t it?
We do so much to get them ready for school each year, but most of us parents forget just how much work the teachers have to do to prepare!  They have their hands full getting ready to enrich the minds of 30 kids give or take for an entire school year!
This year I thought, why not start the year by giving the teacher a little gift?  Something that says, ‘we appreciate you’?
We decided to give the new teacher a Pencil Vase that I made with very simple materials, mostly found at the inexpensive back-to-school section.
It was so easy to make, YOU can do it too:

 Make sure you have all the materials you need:
Mason Jar (or any type of large jar, tin can, or similar container)
Pencils (I used about 50)
Hot glue gun (and glue sticks!)
Optional: Crayons, ribbon, or any other type of embellishments you like
 Start gluing the pencils to the jar one by one, all the way around.  A little tedious, but it’ll go fast!
I chose to put them upright, but you can turn them so that the eraser is on the opposite end too!
  Once you’ve glued the pencils all the way around, it’s ready to be used!
If you’re familiar with me and my blog, you’ll know, I can’t leave well enough alone..
Sooo, I need to make it fabulous!
I added red ribbon layered with white thin ribbon on the top and bottom, and some crayons to make it fun, but..
..still not enough color.  I went to the drug store and found a pack of foam letters for just a $1!  I spelled out the phrase: ‘School is Cool’ and glued them on overlapping the crayons.
Pops of color everywhere!


I stole picked some flowers from my garden (fine, it’s my husband’s garden, because I kill all plants), and added them in my vase.  Love!
A very simple and inexpensive way to show your kid’s new teacher some love, and maybe earn a few extra brownie points come grading time (wink)!
What are you doing to get your kids ready to go back to school?
Thanks to Meredith for letting me crash your blog today!  For more of my crafts, and DIY tutorials, visit me at Chase the Star !
You can also find me here:



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