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As a woman, I definitely appreciate a beautiful bouquet of flowers as a gift.  I’m guessing men don’t quite feel the same way.  Well, my brother-in-law’s birthday was a few weekends ago, and I wanted to try out a fun version of a “bouquet” for men as his gift.  Let’s call this, the MAN BOUQUET!  I was inspired by this, over on Pinterest.

I had almost everything on hand before beginning the project.  The only items that I had to purchase were the mini liquor bottles, which you can find at any liquor shop, and the wooden skewers.  Luckily my awesome neighbors were able to loan me some for the project!

To make the “Man Bouquet” you’ll need:

about 10 mini liquor bottles (we chose to do a variety of different ones)
wooden skewers
flower foam
flower pot
hot glue
newspaper or some sort of “grass” for the pot
jute (optional)

To begin, I broke a few of the skewers so that I’d have a variety of heights in the bouquet.  I figured if everything was the same height, it might fall over a little too easily.  Once all the skewers were at the heights I wanted, I began to glue them to the back of each mini liquor bottle.

(Don’t worry!  They pop off so easily when it’s time to open them.)

After I finished gluing the liquor bottles, I wanted to add some jute twine to the flower pot to dress it up a bit.  You know how I love wrapping things in jute!  So I added a few rings of jute around the flower pot like this…

Once I had all of the liquor on a stick (something I never thought I’d say), I started poking them into the flower foam that was already waiting in the flower pot.  I topped off the flower pot with crinkled strips of old newspaper (I always keep a couple of old papers on hand for spray painting and even window cleaning).

I felt like it was missing a little something, so I printed out a card, attached it to a skewer, and added it to the man bouquet like this…

This was a big hit with my brother-in-law.  He didn’t hesitate to try it out as soon as we gave it to him.  :)

What are your go-to gift ideas for guys?  I’d love to hear some other ideas!

I’m linking up today!  Go check out some other great ideas, recipes, and projects at these great parties!

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    • waittilyourfathergetshome says

      He’ll love it! If you could find some super sticky glue dots, those might work as well!

  1. says

    Now that is awesome!! How fun!!! Thanks for entering this too in the Project Pinterest Challenge!

    • waittilyourfathergetshome says

      Thanks for hosting the challenge! I’m hoping to enter more projects over the next few weeks!

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